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Earlier this year, I started a project of renovating my kitchen.
Before even looking at new kitchen designs, my first action was to get the exact measurements of my existing kitchen.

Traditionally, I always used the ‘normal’ tape measure where you measure the distance between A and B, however, the biggest disadvantage using this was its difficult to get an exact reading.

DTAPE Review

I came across a Digital measuring tape, and I purchased the below tape from Amazon. Its not the best measuring tape, but for what I required it for – it was perfect.

DTAPE DT50 Laser Measure Meter 100m

The main advantage of this laser tape is the speed at which is works. You simply face the laser towards a hard surface of another area of where you want to measure, (e.g. wall) and it correctly gauges the distance via a laser.

Whilst the measuring tape is at the lower end of the spectrum compared to the some of the named tapes, I could not fault it for what I required it for.
There probably wont be a time I need to measure more than 100m.

The backlight was bright enough for me (even outside), the accuracy was spot on (I have only measured no more than 10metres) and a fantastic feature is that the screen records the past 20 measurements which allows you to take several measurements in one go and cut all my pieces at once, opposed to having to measure each piece of wood individually and then cutting.
The tape also measures the area and volume and the measurements can be adjusted from metres, feet and inches

My overall verdict is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on a measuring tape, when this one looks fine is affordable and does an excellent job,

You can purchase this tape using this link :